Thursday, October 13, 2011


Yesterday was a bit crazy and I missed posting. Vegan MoFo shaaaaame!!
Am I forgiven? Gracias.
Today was a grab-what-you-can-eat-without-stopping day. Siren and Goldie were a handful (a public tantrum consisting of throwing himself down on the sidewalk crying/screaming & her overuse of 'no!') and Uncooked required some at-home editing during my mid-day break from the kiddies. A PB&J&Apple wrap was quickly devoured while scribbling edits with my favorite red pen.
Dinner was a marvelously colorful, monstrously large salad:
chiffonaded chard (because I'm fancy like that and I like the pretty ribbons it makes), celery, carrots, avocado, sprouts, red bell pepper, mushroom, tomato, cucumber, olives, whole grain dijon mustard (weird, but I love the spicy flavor) and balsamic vinegar. Packed with nutrients and damn pretty to look at!

Dessert was a locally grown,juicy, gorgeous fig. Like I've raved about tomatoes, these are another sexy fruit.
Last night, Brittinski and I made Lauren's corn fritters to munch on while we watched Hesher. Not exactly an upper, but still a good movie with great acting.
To sum up my week- thank sweet baby Jesus tomorrow is Friday. I'm finding a happy hour and spending some of my hard-earned cash, pronto!


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